The Dream Hotel Bangkok

The dream hotel superb it’s Soy 15 here in Bangkok.

Hello I’m Big Fat Besty and good morning it’s nice and early in the morning and our welcome to Ruby’s day Tuesday and today to review our comes from Bangkok SOI 15 and we are reviewing the dream hotel it’s a to building hotel I’m in building number 2 that’s where my room is but this is building number 1 where we get a head up to breakfast and check out what the spread is like that’s really man.

So we’re gonna head into the reception area here at the dream hotel good morning sorry cap sabaidee my sabaidee cap as well sapphi d ISTEP good bed very comfortable I slept like a dream he is there a part of the reception area where we’ve got lots of seating and so on and so forth and we’ve got birds it’s going jazzy in here but let’s go up the stairs pass the fountains and let’s go meet the zoo so the dream hotel buildings are quite low-rise but this is great this feels like I’m kind of on a cruise ship going up the steps to see what awaits is up here where I can tell you what awaits is up here is the breakfast room and also the bar area where that various happening hours I’ve got these big little things here the boards and the boards tell us what’s going on in their new ala carte menu and if you want to go to the tango night which is tonight but we’re checking out today so we’re not going to be going to tango Tiger good morning four-two-one so this is where we’re going to eat breakfast and once we’ve got ourselves settled down we’ll show you the spread but what happens at breakfast time here at dream is they get the they get the coffee for you Coffee please gonca so let’s go and check out the breakfast selection here at the dream hotel first of all is the Thai breakfast selection my breakfast election you have rice chicken and rice a fried chicken chicken wings pulled rice with pork spareribs.

I’ve got to tell you I’m pretty impressed by the selection here in the middle this else except for the year except the fruit salad and if you eat the fruit and if you like melon and grapes and pineapple you’re in the right place a place you’ve got your fruit juices here which includes pineapple juice orange juice apple juice annual here you’ve got our chips bacon which does need replacing there some good news if you like the American crispy bacon that is here and your chicken sausage is not good news if you like proper English breakfast sausages because it’s the got like frankfurter things again but look at this if you’re a bacon fan yeah absolutely in luck because they’re replacing the bacon right now check in Harold this is the seafood noodle soup section and they will mix it up for you if you want some seafood noodle soup they will make it breed as you wait if you’re a fan of 7-elevens got your grilled ham and cheese sandwich right there and that looks to me like some kind of beef dish but it’s not labeled so looks like some kind of I think that’s a beef stir-fry what else we got here we’ve got kind of mini omelettes and this one baked beans down here and this one more bacon that’s the slightly less crispy variety in this one and your vegetarian section is right here which is Tom Yum fried rice veg fried noodles in a potato curry which is steamed out my lens you got your eggs station here you have a fried egg like a mixer for an omelet boiled egg scrambled egg there as well serial affectionate right here and you continental stuff right here you’ve got your cheese’s mozzarella cheddar and your cured meats some chicken and some salami get hungry now why songs of what Falls maple syrup chocolate sauce and honey you can make you toaster and these your pastry section your muffins which is for gluten-free and all good stuff soon so that is pretty much it that is our breakfast selection here at the dream hotel.

So here we are at the dream to the second tower the second building this is where I’m staying and again it’s got a yeah a nice little reception area with lots of little places to sit and the lifts and it’s this building where the pool is good morning how are you excellent checkout day they do have a currency exchange here but as you can see the rates are hotel rates rather than a competitive ones so the lifts operated by you all right your room key so stick your key in and we’re going to go up to the tenth floor first so I’ll give you a show around the quick look around the gin whilst we’re in the lift.

I can tell you the price on a gold er for this hotel is about sixty British pounds per night but annoyingly Agoda UK don’t show the taxes about the time you get to check out with the plus ten percent on the plus seven percent it costs pretty much bang on seventy pounds a night we stay for three nights and it came to about 208 pounds so just short of a 70 quid a night obviously I’m staying with bestest bestie so it worked out at 35 pounds a night each his gym which smells of peppermint you’ve got usual Jimmy’s stuff here if they clean the windows then you can get a nice view of the trendy apartments which is this lot here and it’s rot a funky building there which looks like but you’ll repeal and there as you can see the Bangkok smog air pollution is really really bad here January 2019 in Bangkok so that’s the gym free weights benches ski trainer exercise bike and a treadmill your lockers there as well and let’s go upstairs again so I can show you the pool area difficult grab this lift while it’s still here and I can I’ll corridors by the way are really nice too and we will head up to the top floor which is the pool area and the pool bar surf-and-turf only 499 plus taxes 10% of 10% service charge and 7% government tax and this is the pool area you step straight out the lift into the pool and over here around the corner is where you’ve got your shower and this is a nice touch actually over there they provide you with shampoos and shower gels and conditioner in the pool area shower it’s down here you’ve got your Jacuzzi bit and over here you’ve got your pool area.

I have to show you the pool bar as well because when I got here on my first day I treated myself and besties besties to a strawberry smoothie which was absolutely amazing it’s all your towels are here once you’ve done what you tells you shove it in the towel bin three two one dusty bin so at the end of the corridor area you’ve got your toilets here and your lockers the pool area itself around the lounge’s is a non-smoking but just here in the pool area you can see there are a straight set out for you so this is the smoking area and if on the off chance it rains you’ve got some cupboards tables here in the bar area and this is where they have the fully stocked bar including some movies hello smoothie lady how are you good morning and that’s it then so that is the pool area here at the dream hotel suck of it SOI 15 Bangkok Thailand.

Now let’s head downstairs and give you a tour of the room a dream hotel I’m loving the number sit by the way this is the 4/4 floor for us a non-smoking floor and the numbers of the rhythm ours is 41 pretty jazzy there with the with the doorbell entering the room then you got your bathroom on the right and it’s spacious it is that quite a big room right here we have the beds obviously yeah there’s me and besties besties we have a twin room here and it’s checkout time as I said so the beds are messy but they are damned comfortable the voice from beyond besties versity how comfortable are the beds very they are very comfortable indeed but did I manage to sleep very well with them no no I am the node Sleep Sheep on the wall you’ve got some artwork you got some girls she looks like she’s had a really good night’s sleep you got these guys here on the Titanic they had a pretty good night’s sleep and then died so that was their final night sleep.

Air-conditioning comes out of here and out of here you’ve got the panels for the aircon on the wall just here the phone is right here you can order room service there is a full room service menu in well here actually you’re in room dining you get your little TV channel guide so if you’re wondering what TV channels you get here at the dream its these pause to continue should you wish over here you have your dressing table on the dressing table again you’ve got these little see-through here draw things you’re another telephone port here and just anything yet that you would really expect the view is of that rather bizarre house there it is if anybody knows what goes on in that house feel free to let me know the TV is a 40 inch flat screen affair it’s an Android system actually and it’s got not that many channels but plenty of them are in English you’ve got a smattering of news channels also you have the sports and movie channels and decent ones as well so we’re talking Fox Sports and B in sports and Fox movie channel true movies as well and here you have the fridge and minibar and there’s been a little bit cunning these guys at the dream motel because they’ve tagged everything so you can’t just go and replace it from the 7-eleven because it’s got their a little dream Hotel tags on them so if you do want to use the minibar be aware that you’ll have to pay the prices on the minibar in terms of location it’s about 400 meters down.

SOI 15 it’s approximately 8 minute walk to the BTS it’s approximately a minute walk to a terminal 21 and a 10-minute walk to SOI cowboy at the dreamer hotels bathroom sorry for the a little amount of messing because it is checkout time comes with its own toiletries it’s quite a shower with the decent water pressure that you’d expect you’re going to sink you get two complimentary bottles of Cristal or water each day and of course as always you have your toilet and your arse wand if you look in the wardrobe here that’s why you’ll find the large safe large enough to rest at your laptop in it you know some drawers storage area here your complimentary slippers dressing-gown and should you need extra pillows or you’ll find them up on the top of the water hope you’ve enjoyed our little room tour of the a dream Hotel suburb it’s SOI 15 in Bangkok as I said the price I run about 70 pounds including taxes and everything do I recommend it yeah I do I think yes this cheaper but with this two of you staying then why not splurge a little bit 70 quid is not bad value for the capital and the amenities are pretty good and the breakfast is fantastic so then thank you very much for watching this little a ten minute vlog my review a review stay to stay of the dream hotel here in Bangkok if you found it interesting or useful and will not give it a like a little bit of a thumbs up if you want to continue on my journey with me on my mega trip I want to subscribe and a Smosh about Bell icon until the next one which will be on Thai day Friday take care blog off.